Crisis Intervention & Restraint Training

About Us

CMG is a national organization that provides specialized training in behavior modification and crisis management and prevention. Through years of experience and applied training, CMG pioneered a set of innovative and leading-edge procedures that creates a safer environment for student, teacher and work area. Our training programs target all levels of exposure, from professionals to secondary and entry level positions. Our unique approach to crisis training and preparedness ensures that everyone in the organization knows and follows a cohesive and clear mandate. CMG shaped and simplified these procedures so that they are easily learned but hard to forget.

CMG’s consulting group and staff is very diverse with years of experience inside and outside the industry. CMG’s founder, David Hunter, has more than 3 decades of experience in law enforcement and personal safety training. CMG was created so that he could bring common sense practical training to people and organizations susceptible to a physical crisis event. He has instructed all ages in wide range of organizations from primary and secondary schools to colleges. CMG specializes in basic situational awareness, personal safety, restraint and de-escalation training. His first workbook contained a set of the most passive but effective hands-on techniques and de-escalation techniques in the industry. Because of individual differences in physicality, health, and condition of each trainee, CMG teaches the Soft and Applied® techniques. CMG empowers the trainee with knowledge so they can identify the difference between a restraint event and self-defense event. Mr. Hunter states “While we teach restraint training to certain groups or individuals, we advocate physical restraint as the absolute last measure and then only by those fully trained”. No other crisis program makes these important distinctions.

CMG’s newest program All on the Same Page© was developed to emphasize the inclusive nature of our training programs—no one is left out. We design training programs that establish basic, unified responses to every situation, from minor incidents to a physical crisis event. We strive to make everyone prepared to react quickly and with resolve, similar to a fire drill in which everyone knows exactly what to do. CMG works with each business or school system to tailor a set of appropriate responses matched to appropriate levels of training. Our packages include training, testing, course verification, and certification.

CMG has a program called Design Your Own Course that enables schools and businesses to put in place their own guidelines or mandates. We provide your organization the training site and materials or we will work with aiding your organization to acquire the desired results. CMG’s consulting group is comprised of leading professionals in the industry. They continuously seek to improve each aspect of our training programs and strive to elevate the professionalism of this industry. We invite professionals to op-ed on our website or become involved in the blog section. Our goal is your safety; our mission is to be the best at enabling that.

Another program CMG offers is Situational and Safety Awareness. These courses are a pro-active first step CMG can provide for your organization. This training educates and guides your employees to never become a victim of a violent event. Each program comes with take home training guides. The courses have specially designed techniques unique only to CMG. These courses can be tailored from two hours to one full day. They also have the benefit of the trainee taking home what they have learned and passing this on to their family and loved ones.