Crisis Intervention & Restraint Training

School Systems and Child Development Centers

The training, planning and implementation of the courses are designed to be non-time intensive and non-interuptive to regular daily functions.


Course Training:

  1. On-line courses (E-classes)
  2. On-site course training
  3. Combination of on-line and on-site.


CMG offers:

  • Emergency action planning (EAP)assistance
    • Includes co-ordination with 1st responders and emergency personnel
    • Mitigation
    • Preparedness
  • Independent evaluation of existing¬† EAPs
  • Independent evaluation of site and security
  • Contingency planning
  • Resource and manpower evaluation
  • Active shooter survival training (employees)
    • On-site course
    • Web course
  • Safety awareness training (employees)
    • On-site course
    • Web course
  • Employee compliance tracking
    • Ensures everyone is trained
    • New hires
    • Temp workers
    • Part time employees
    • Subs
    • Bus drivers
    • Custodians
    • Cafeteria

Each school district is distinct and different. Resources and manpower of both the schools and 1st responders are components that factor into the EAP. For the EAP to be efficient and effective it takes community involvement.

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