Crisis Intervention & Restraint Training

Restraint / Isolation Training Pricing

One-Day Non-Physical Seminar One day of de-escalation and preventive training. Attendees will learn to read the warning signs and learn the techniques to pre-empt a physical intervention. This is especially beneficial to those teachers that may have physical limitations that could put them at risk during a physical event. The seminar includes:

  • How to read the warning signs of a potential crisis event
  • Use of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • PBIS/de-escalation and conflict management
  • Identification of  antecedents
  • De-escalation techniques and training
  • How to pro-actively prepare a plan of action
  • Includes manual and handouts

Cost: $1100.00

Two-Day Seminar; Seminar includes all of “one-day non-physical training”, but includes also passive physical hands-on training where the attendees are presented with physical contact and real life scenarios. The seminar includes:

  • All non-physical training in the One-Day Seminar
  • Hands-on passive physical restraint training
  • Certification and re-certification ( your states mandates)
  • Includes manual, workbooks,

Cost: $1250.00

Two-Day Instructor’s Certification and Re-certification CourseThis is a two-day seminar that teaches and certifies attendees as instructors. This certification enables the attendee to train staff and other employees in their organization. The course includes:

  • Manuals, handouts, power point, reference materials, workbooks,  flash drive. (everything needed to start teaching on day 1)
  • The entire non-physical training
  • Identification of  antecedents
  • Isolation/seclusion fundamentals mandated by each state
  • State and DOE mandates followed
  • Hands on training of passive restraint techniques
  • Review of both days, testing and completion certification
  • Continuous yearly support and updates (no cost)
  • Contact information and phone numbers for “anytime” support

Cost: $1,550.00   Inquire about our on-line training.